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“Behind extraordinary achievement you will always discover extraordinary effort.”

The Greatness Guide, By Robin Sharma

It is a new year and there is no better time than right now to inspire your sales team. One way to get the year off to a great start is to set your sales goals for 2012. Use your optimism to motivate and inspire your sales team. If you can harness this positively charged energy you can create an aggressive, focused and contagious environment likely to achieve success in 2012.

Here are 3 easy tips when to inspire your team:

1. Use inspirational quotes to motivate your sales team to work hard, take chances, and strive to succeed. There are thousands of quotes that you have read in your life time that have inspired you and passing them along to your sales team will likely have an effect on their attitudes. Share your enthusiasm and leverage good quotes that relate to your sales team. Get them energized and excited about the day, month, quarter and year. A great book for this is “The Greatness Guide” by Robin Sharma.

“Leadership is shown when a salesperson makes extra calls at the end of an exhausting day – not because it’s the easy thing to do but because it’s the right thing to do. Leadership is shown by the manager who finishes a report that has taken the very best from him, then goes back to it a little later to polish and improve it even more. And leadership is shown by the human being who fights the urge to stay under the covers on a cold day and throw on her running shoes to pound the pavement. Not because running miles on a frosty morning is fun. But because it’s wise.” – Robin Sharma

2. Bring the sales team together and reinforce team unity with pictures and stories of great memories. Talk boldly and openly about the last year. Look back at sales records, closed deals and team experiences. Help your team remember every positive experience in 2011. Relive funny moments, pictures from corporate outings and fun times. Many forget all the simple positive experiences they have enjoyed over the last year and many of these times are taken for granted. If you want to have a successful sales culture, then create an engaging environment that people want to be part of.

3. Lastly, use movie clips and videos that your team relates to. Movies are an effective and dynamic way to encourage your team. They foster self reflection and allow sales professionals to fully engage and support the message being presented. Movie clips are incredibly effective at supporting a motivational message that you are conveying. It is absorbed and experienced in a completely different manner and can get a team excited to take on challenges. Help them to be the best they can be.

Here are a video about taking risks, commitment, hard work and adrenaline:

Running a sales team is about metrics, closing and hard work. To motivate an aggressive sales force learn what excites them. Once you understand what motivates your team reinforce your commitment to support them. Help them get motivated and hungry for success.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. But the second best time is today.

Published On: January 16th, 2012Categories: Blog News, Sales Recruiting

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