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How to Grow a Small Business.

As a CEO of a growing company, I understand that setting out to build a disruptive and successful organization is no easy task. It requires time, money, and a strong team around you. I set out to create a company that is people-first, so much so that we are in the business of helping companies hire salespeople. Treeline is one of the only sales recruiting companies of its kind. Sales is critical to any company’s success and you need salespeople to bring on new business. People are the foundation of any company and in order to create a winning business model you must invest in your employees. Here are 10 rules to follow for any leader looking to grow their small business.

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  1. Create an exciting and determined culture of success.  We all think our companies are the best companies ever created and that everyone should want to work for us.  I am sorry to say that this is not the case.  Employees have many options and it is your job to sell that vision and message around the benefits of working for your firm.  Make no assumptions and accept that you have to create a culture of success, a place your team wants to be every day.
  2. Hire for grit.  As a small business you do not have the luxury of hiring an Ivy League big company professional and nor should you want to.  You need to hire employees that have grit.  Small companies don’t have the resources large companies do and the highs and lows should create excitement and should not be feared.  Remember, you should hire for character and train for skill. Employees that grow business are mentally tough