The Complete Guide for Sourcing, Interviewing and Hiring BDRs and SDRs

First things first, how do you get your pipeline of SDR/BDR candidates full? You need to a have job description that will motivate the entry level minded sales professionals to apply for your role. When it comes to the SDR/BDR role, having too many applications is not a bad problem to have. Great entry level candidates get hired quickly so you need to move at lightening speed as you filter through what is hopefully a stack of qualified SDR/BDRs.

Need help writing a great job description? 

Is your SDR/BDR hiring process as efficient as it could be?

Now that you know how to write a killer SDR/BDR job description, it’s time to execute your hiring process. A quick and efficient hiring process is key to landing the top entry level candidates that every company is looking for. You must know the difference in personality traits between what makes a great SDR vs. BDR. We have put together 8 tips on how to navigate through the hiring process and land your ideal SDR/BDR.

Looking for industry data?

To complete your SDR research, we have compiled a Snapshot on industry data round the Sales Development Representative. You will receive data around:

  1. Salary and On Target Earnings (OTE)
  2. Activity Metrics
  3. Turnover/Retention