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Free Guide: Sales Characteristics

Download the free guide on sales characteristics when hiringUnderstand the sales characteristics of top performers.

Hiring your perfect sales candidate starts with defining what your perfect fit is.

When you are hiring sales representatives for you sales team, you need to understand the characteristics of the job, compensation structure and company before you can decide what type of sales candidate you are looking to hire.

Rather than stating that you are looking for a "good listener", "team player", or "strong communicator" you need to focus on sales characteristics that align with the role and the candidate.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • What types of sales characteristics you should focus on.
  • What the sales characterisitcs mean and how they align with the role you are hiring for.
  • How sales characteristics can help slice through the noise when hiring.
  • How to organize information and find the perfect fit in a simple and effective way.
  • How you can hire in less time and with less cost.
  • How DADOMATCH technology changes the way companies and Sales Managers hire.