People buy from people they like and hire people they likeMy team and I were recently asked (told) to assist in filming a video presentation for Treeline.  We all took turns in front of the camera.  Some of us were good, others not so much, but we all put our best foot forward and presented  in the same manner we present to our clients every day.  When we watched the footage we all had the same reaction.

“Do I really look like that?”

“I don’t sound like that, do I?”

“What is that weird thing that I am doing with my mouth?…do I always do that?”

I thought it was interesting at how oblivious we are about what we look/sound like to others….especially considering it is our job to speak and present to people EVERYDAY.  When I first started in sales, my manager would have us do a sales pitch into a tape recorder and listen to it.  He would ask, “Would you buy from this guy?” It is was a great way to deliver his message.

Since I watched my image on screen, with my weird voice and circus like mouth tricks, I can’t help but think about all how can we train or understand how we come across when we interact with our clients every day. 

I have compiled some ways for you to get a gage on what people are seeing and how can you train to present in an acceptable way.

1.The most obvious way is to recreate my scenario – break out the camera and step in front of it.  Get out all the goofiness and simply give your elevator pitch as best as you can.  Do it a half dozen times and then give it a watch.  You will literally be floored by what you will see. How do you come across?  Do you talk too fast? What do you like about your approach? What could you do better?

2.Call your voicemail and leave a few messages.  Leave the message that you leave for potential clients, clients that you have relationship with. Give them a listen. Would you buy from you?  Would you at least call yourself back? Are your messages too long? When do you say your phone number.

3.Press #. Not all of us know this trick.  When you leave a message for someone, before you hang up – press  # and you can usually get to an option that will allow you to review your message.  Take a listen, Would you call yourself back? If the answer is ‘no’, you can erase your message and re-record. Remember to always complete your message first, because not all phones will have the option to push # and re-record.

If you are looking to improve yourself and hone in on your skill sets, these exercises can only help. The best part is that you are your toughest critic, other people can help and listen but this gives you the opportunity to be judge and jury. You can make the adjustments as you see fit and THEN MAYBE ask a peer for their input…maybe.

This is just food for thought and you can do with it what you want but I can already tell that as you read this you are imagining the weird facial tricks you do when you speak.  Learn about them because everyone you meet already knows about them. 


Published On: February 18th, 2014Categories: Blog News, Job Search and Career, Sales Success

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