In this economy, many job seekers who have found themselves in professional and personal ruts are strongly considering, and in some cases pushing, to relocate for a new opportunity.  Many candidates are throwing out the option to relocate in hopes that they'll find their dream job in some fabulous new place where they can create a whole new life.  Whether or not relocation can bring professional growth and happiness, the burning question is: will companies look at candidates looking to relocate? 

In my professional experience as a recruiter, I have found that many of my clients are only interested in interviewing candidates who live in the immediate area due to logistical and cost reasons.  Often times, when a candidate needs to relocate for an opportunity it's not as easy as "I'll start on Monday".  In order for a candidate to successfully relocate, it can take weeks or even months for them to sell their current house or break their current lease and find a new place to live.  In this economy, it's a buyers market and companies are not exactly desperate for candidates, therefore they can get the candidate they want, when they want them (within a reasonable amount of time).  However, all hope is not lost for those looking to move up and move on.



I involved myself in several different management forums asking the relocation question and had a myriad of responses. To my surprise, many companies stated that they are considering and hiring relocation candidates; however the majority of the companies I spoke with stated that they would hire someone outside of the immediate area with the expectation that they would move on their own accord.  At this point, companies are cannot accrue additional expenses by relocating candidates.  Why?  Christopher DeMaina, Director at Connexion stated that companies are hesitant to hire and pay for relocation candidates because "the fear on the client end is that the candidates need curve is high due to a decrease in available opportunities, and that if hired, the candidate will simply quit the position and move to a more desired area/location when the market picks up again."


Relocation is not impossible by any means but if you are looking to start fresh in a different location, make sure you have a plan and perhaps choose the places you'd be willing and easily able to move.  Be prepared that you may have to fight harder than local candidates for an opportunity and sell yourself to the company.  If you're looking to relocate, you need to make it happen without the expectation that the company is willing to wait or pay for your move.  So get your affairs in order, identify where you're willing to move and start interviewing.  Your fresh start is around the corner, go get it. 


Published On: June 12th, 2009Categories: Blog News, Job Search and Career, Sales Success

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