Culture is one of those topics that gets talked about a lot. This makes me think people put Keith Heggaton-Billtrust-Creating Career Paths to Retain Top Performersa premium on it and care about it. From what I can tell, culture seems to be part art, science, and some element of ping pong and fully-stocked kitchens. Jokes aside, one thing is for sure: whether you’re a job seeker or employer, culture is an important part in all of our careers.

However, the one thing which is often missing from a lot of culture pieces out there is how to actually create and identify a great culture. As an employer, my question would sound something like: How do you actually create a culture which attracts top talent? And, as a job seeker, my question would sound more like: What kind of culture will allow me to do my best work?

Well, I have one suggestion for both parties: “career-pathing”.

A chance to do great work, be recognized, and be rewarded with additional responsibility is fuel to almost anyone’s fire. I know it is for me. Recently promoted, I can speak direc