When the stock market fell off a cliff and credit was frozen and virtually impossible to find, companies moved aggressively to take shelter and weather the storm by cutting payroll and other expenses. Those who managed to survive and stay standing at the end of 2009 will see revenue growth in 2010. Those resilient companies will prosper on this long road to recovery throughout the coming years and they will create opportunities and focus on growth, not consolidation. The strong companies today are betting on their ability to bring in revenue and they are confident and see an incredible opportunity to grow their business. 2010 will be a building year, a year to focus on re-securing the footings and foundation in order to build a stronger more aggressive company in 2011. So what is the one job companies create when they are feeling confident in their ability to drive revenue? SALES JOBS!

Companies are now starting to see some relief. As credit continues to loosen, companies become more confident in their ability to bring back jobs. The first and most sought after jobs in 2010 will be sales. According to a report by Forbes.com*, two of the Top 10 most recession proof jobs are Financial Advisors (4th on the list) and Sales Representatives (6th on the list).

So why are sales roles considered more secure? Companies cut to the bone in 2009 due to the loss of revenue. Companies can often reduce workforce while increasing workload in every department across the enterprise, however the same is not true in the sales department. When companies reduce a sales force, they've reduced company revenue. Sales representatives can't cover 3 territories and produce the same combined revenue that their past counterparts produced. When sales representatives are overloaded they lose deals to the competition. As a result, companies are looking to hire and replenish their once prosperous sales force in order to regain market share and increase revenue. They have lost re