When there are new sales positions to fill in your company, the internal recruiting team has to get involved and search for the best talent available. However, the process of recruitment is tedious and time-consuming. Recruiters may have a hard time finding the best candidates to hire  to fill your open sales positions because they lack an adequate network of top talent and the amount of bandwidth required to drive enough activity to conduct a successful search. The good news is that sourcing as a service can help ease the burden to finding talent for your firm.

How Sourcing as a Service Works

Sourcing as a service uses human capital and technology to connect hard-to-find candidates with hiring managers.

First, the target candidates are identified across social media and platforms like LinkedIn, using the characteristics the client is looking for. The sourcing company will search for candidates whose profiles match your requirements and will consistently deliver candidates over a defined period of time.

With sourcing as a service, identifying top sales talent becomes easy and saves you the tedious work of doing it manually. This modern sourcing service is beneficial to your business in the following ways.

You Save Time

The process of looking for the best fit for any given role consumes a lot of time. Recruiters have to go through a vast number of resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and job boards to find the best candidates. This means that they may spend the majority of their time searching for candidates while abandoning their other duties.
Using sourcing as a service, however, makes it easy to generate a pipeline of qualified candidates. From there, the recruiting team can simply choose the best person for the job. This saves time that can be used for other productive activities.

You Save Money

Obtaining personal profiles of potential candidates from online sources requires having special tools and technology. Besides, obtaining such information from companies that have job seekers’ information, such as LinkedIn, is expensive. Using sourcing as a service saves your company the cost of investing in such tools.

A sourcing-as-a-service company will do all the groundwork for you at a favorable price compared to doing it for yourself. You will get the list of potential candidates with ease and at a low cost.

You Get the Best Sales Talent

All candidates whose profiles match the requirements of the client are thoroughly filtered to ensure the best matches are selected.  Their expertise, personal traits, and strengths are also screened. Once the best candidates are selected, it will be easy for the recruiter to choose the best talent for your firm.

You Get Guaranteed Efficient Services

Efficiency is an important aspect as you choose who serves you. Getting all your needs met in the shortest time, effectively and efficiently is a relief, especially when it comes to recruitment. Using sourcing as a service guarantees you this. Market research, screening, and interviewing potential employees is done in the shortest time possible.

You Don’t Have to Sign Up for a Long-term Contract

Sourcing as a service is very flexible, as you need not sign a long-term commitment to get the service. You can always get the services when the need arises and pay as you go. It is thus very convenient for all businesses seeking to hire.

If you want to hire the best talent in your firm, then sourcing as a service will save you the struggle. With the use of proficient technology, you will get a list of the best-matched talent in the shortest amount of time. Talk to the sales recruiting experts at Treeline to learn more and fill your open Sales Positions within 30 days.

Published On: May 11th, 2021Categories: Sales Optimization

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