Treeline has a unique and awesome employee focused culture
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At Treeline, our business model has always been unique and just a little bit different from other companies. We are purely a sales organization and our initiatives are not based on individual achievement like most organizations. Instead, our culture has been built around the mission of achieving one common goal through teamwork. Our goal is success.



We're not trying to be average or even top tiered. We're striving to be the best. Our common belief and passion has created a unique culture that is bursting with positive energy. Every voice is critical and every opinion is heard. Together we drive Treeline with hard work, high standards, personal initiative, and most importantly a work-life balance.

All Treeline employees happen to be former collegiate athletes. That being said, we are all competitive and that energy is often contagious. We often challenge each other inside and outside the office and this winter has been no different. Our office is located on the edge of Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield and as of recently the lake has frozen over allowing for ice skaters to enjoy the beautiful view. Therefore, a few of us in the office decided to play a little game of pick up hockey during the lunch hour. Ever play pond hockey in a suit? Despite our afternoon meetings, we took to the ice for 2 on 2 action. Check out the clip below to see us in action! We all like to have fun and none of us like to lose. We are always looking for new members to bring their creativity and personality to join our team.

Published On: February 10th, 2010Categories: Blog News, Treeline

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