Supplementing the Recruitment Process with Highly Qualified Candidates

The Bulfinch Group is a comprehensive financial services firm committed to helping individuals improve their long-term financial success. They offer unmatched expertise and world class service to their clients primarily across the United States. They are focused on understanding their clients' dreams and deliver comprehensive strategies to help them build and preserve wealth.

Founded by Seth Medalie in 1994, a career with The Bulfinch Group is a unique opportunity to combine an entrepreneurial spirit with extensive training, sales and marketing support. Given that this role requires specific skills, Seth looks for individuals presently in sales or other "people-oriented" professions. And as most organizations know, ideal candidates are hard to find.

"For many years, we had our own Director of Recruiting here at The Bulfinch Group to find our candidates," said Seth. "When she retired, we didn't initially think about working with a sales recruiting firm until one of our management members met Dan Fantasia, owner of Treeline Inc., at a networking event."

After several conversations with Dan at Treeline, Seth and The Bulfinch Group were so impressed with the Treeline recruiting process they decided to engage with them to supplement their flow of candidates.

"I liked that the Treeline team took the time to get to know about our business and who our ideal candidate is," said Seth. "Both organizations share the same values as well. We focus on being selective and finding the right people for the culture."

The Bulfinch Group has worked with Treeline for nearly 2 years and has supplemented their candidate flow seamlessly. Treeline has become an extension of their team to deliver the most qualified candidates based on their skills for this unique role and culture. What's more, The Bulfinch Group vows that Treeline has always delivered solid, quality candidates. In fact, the last training class The Bulfinch Group held, Treeline placed four of the five candidates.

Treeline has built an organization of professionals who know the industry inside and out. Also, finding the right people is a full-time job. But with Treeline's focused consultants and cutting-edge search techniques, they can find the quality candidates for a specific client easily and quickly.

"We strive to assist our clients while saving them time and money," said Dan Fantasia, owner, Treeline. "We reduce the time between interviewing and hiring by 75%. And with our latest innovation, DADO, clients can learn more about a pre-qualified candidate through photos, videos, sales statistics, resumes and professional recommendations."

Whether an organization needs to build an entire sales force from the ground up, or simply looking for a top performer, Treeline can help. Treeline is an award-winning recruiting firm known for building best-in-class, high output sales organizations. To learn more about working with Treeline, please visit us online at

For candidates, please take a moment to Join Our DADO Network so we can find the best job for your skills. By joining our network and completing your profile, the key statistics of your background will be optimized, giving you an unparalleled advantage to those candidates that are using outdated and ineffective job search techniques.

To learn more about The Bulfinch Group, please visit

Published On: April 27th, 2010Categories: Blog News, Treeline

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