Fusion Simplifies Its Hiring Process and Continues Phenomenal Sales Growth

An innovative, constantly expanding, multi-national company, Fusion is one of the largest open market distributors of electronic components in the world. Based in the U.S. – with operations in Singapore, Amsterdam and Hong Kong – Fusion only looks for the strongest, hard-to-find sales professionals to help them continue their phenomenal growth.

At Fusion, quality is top priority. Therefore, Fusion only works with the best. For more than five years, Fusion has worked with Treeline to filter out the best candidates when recruiting for premier sales professionals.

Treeline knows that finding the right people can be a full-time job. Fusion engaged Treeline to streamline their recruiting process and to select the best people who will fit their company needs. Not only do both organizations have a commitment to quality and their customers, but Fusion also looks for specific personality traits in their sales people. Given that Treeline specializes in sales recruiting, working with them helped Fusion find the right personalities to thrive in a dynamic, young, and fast-paced environment like Fusion's. In fact, Treeline is so diligent about knowing what Fusion is looking for in a sales person they can tell almost immediately if they are a fit.

"We rely on Treeline to go through the screening process for us. They know our culture and who would work best in our environment," said Bill Masterson, General Manager at Fusion. "Treeline helps us identify the best candidates and narrows down the resume pool. If we put an opportunity out on a job board, we would get bombarded with 200 resumes. Instead, Treeline presents us with several solid candidates. It really saves us a lot of time and money."

When recruiting is done in-house, often times it is time consuming and inefficient nor is there accountability for finding the right person for the right job. What's more, during the past 10 years, Treeline has studied how the sales force recruiting industry has evolved and changed. They have also watched as resumes and job boards have become outdated. As an industry trailblazer that has always operated "above the treeline," they set out to identify new and innovative ways to change the way qualified candidates are found. They also continue to transform the way companies search for new employees.

Bill added, "I am impressed they are always looking to reinvent themselves and refine the recruiting process. They really get ahead of the game as they get to know and understand the changes in the market. With their newest development, DADO, it provides us with a great snapshot of potential candidates in one simple view. That information shows the value immediately."

Treeline makes it easier for Fusion to identify and hire viable, well-qualified candidates in a much shorter amount of time, with a much clearer picture of who they're hiring and how that person fits into their organization. DADO also provides hiring managers with critical information such as candidates' average sales cycle, quota, etc., along with the chance to watch candidate videos and view professional recommendations online.

"Since Treeline specializes in sales and they have invested their time in getting to know our organization, they can very quickly tell if a candidate would be a good fit for Fusion," said Bill. "Treeline has helped us place 15 candidates over the past three years and with sales up 50% so far this year, we are doing something right. At the end of the day, it's about hiring the right people to succeed. Treeline helps us do that."

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Published On: June 7th, 2010Categories: Blog News, Treeline

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