6 social media tips for the job searchSearching for a job has become more difficult than ever. With hundreds of candidates with similar backgrounds competing for the same job, employers are seeking alternative ways to evaluate their pool of candidates. One of the most frequently used tricks is to Google them. A potential employer's first impression of you is more often than not based on that Google search. With a simple search on the popular search engine, potential employers will uncover multiple sources of information about you including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This means that your status update on Facebook, or latest tweet on Twitter could be the deciding point on whether or not you get the job. So how do you make sure that your "Google-able" information is appropriate?

Here are 6 Social Networking tips:


  1. Have a profile picture that exemplifies a person a potential employer would want to hire.
  2. Make sure your status update is appropriate and is something you do not mind sharing with a room full of CEO's.
  3. Don't include any links to websites containing inappropriate content.
  4. Be careful what your friends post on your Facebook wall.
  5. Any pictures tagged of you should be appropriate and portray a mature, responsible person.
  6. If you have a blog, steer clear of controversial topics or personal problems that could