We’re in sales. We talk to people all day long. Whether we are on the phone or sending an email, we are trying to connect with people on a daily basis. As a result we’ve created our own language. For better or for worse, we have our own acronyms, industry-specific jargon, go-to phrases, and sales clichés.

We’re all guilty of it. Whether you like the sayings or think they are selling mistakes, at one point of another we have all received a phone call with a sales representative on the end asking if “we have 5 minutes to talk.”

These may not be the most effective sales phrases, but we can’t help it, or can we? Well, that’s another blog in itself…and that’s not what this one is about.

Instead, Treeline decided to add some sales humor around the subject. I mean we work so hard, and what’s the point if we can’t laugh at ourselves a little?

We compiled a list of some of our favorite sales sayings and put together this video. A big shout out to our team members for participating.

We hope you enjoy Things Salespeople Say. Share the video with your sales team and let’s improve our sales techniques and buyer communication.

What are some of your other favorite sales expressions?