how to be happy in your job and in your life

I often see people writing blogs about motivation and success and they usually help me refocus my efforts.  One subject which I rarely see in business-related blogs is happiness, which is a major factor amongst those other topics.  I believe it is very difficult to be motivated, driven and successful if you are not happy. I’m not talking only about happiness at work, but life in general.  There is no doubt that a work-life balance is essential to success and I believe that what you do before and after business hours can directly affect how you perform at work and how you actually perceive it.

The World Happiness Report ” was recently released for 2013. The report ranks countries based on the happiness level of their citizens and uses various factors that weigh economic and social well being.  The USA ranked #17 in the world for happiness which is pretty good, but that certainly leaves room for improvement.  Denmark ranked #1 overall for a number of reasons including free healthcare, free or low cost of childcare, gender equality, and  a high rate of volunteer work, to name a few. In Denmark, most people prefer to bike rather than drive which reduces congestion, pollution and of course the stress of sitting in traffic like most of us do on a daily basis.  Even though Denmark was ranked higher than us in the happiness report from a country standpoint, you still have the means to be happier on an individual level.

Here are some important things to remember about happiness:

  • If you are unhappy, it is usually due to situations that you have created, invited or failed to act upon. For example, if a problem arises in your life and you fail to address it immediately it will most likely build and get worse.
  • Things only affect us in the way that we let them.  For example, if someone cuts me off in traffic I can choose to get angry, tailgate them and high beam them;  or I can shrug it off, give them the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t do it intentionally and move on. 
  • We can all choose how we feel each day to a certain extent.  I believe positivity, friendliness, good energy and having an open mind are the best ways to live and will lead to happin