Ernst & Young recently conducted a survey examining corporate growth expectations over the next two years. The survey measured key economic and performance indicators among US companies with $500 million to $3 billion in total revenue. The survey uncovered optimistic hiring trends.

  • 75% of senior executive indicate they are optimistic about achieving their companies' growth expectations over the next two years.

According to the survey, companies that plan to grow also plan to hire over the next year.

  • 40% of the executives surveyed anticipate an increase in hiring over the next year.

The industries most likely to expect growth in both revenue and profits are:

  • Technology: 74% revenue and 72% profitability
  • Financial services: 69% revenue and $63% profitability
  • Retail/Wholesale: 69% revenue and $63% profitability

Senior executives indicate that they expect an increase in hiring due to "new growth" and a "return to pre-economic downturn levels."

Among the companies looking to hire, the survey revealed the barriers that hiring mangers face. Only 8% of respondents indicated economic uncertainty as a barrier, while 22% said finding qualified candidates.

How can companies find qualified candidates?

Here at Treeline, we believe in "Recruiting 2.0." We have found that the traditional ways of hiring are out-dated. Resumes do not really tell a hiring manager who they are hiring and how they will be an asset to their organization. That is why we created DADO. Candidates "Join Our Network" and answer targeted questions based on the key criteria hiring mangers want in their next top performer. A "DADO profile" includes a candidate's picture and video, LinkedIn profile, references, sales stats and resume.

We believe that we have streamlined the recruiting process. Try DADO and experience Recruiting 2.0!


Published On: July 15th, 2010Categories: Blog News

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