5 Useful Tips and Techniques for Landing Your Next Sales Job

By Alex Bender, Consultant at Treeline Inc.

With U.S. Employers adding no new jobs in August and unemployment hovering around 9.1% how do you find your next job?

When I ask my average candidate this question, they typically respond with "the boards:" monster.com, careerbuilder.com, indeed.com, etc. However, the fact of the matter is that the boards are antiquated and are going the way of the dinosaur. This is a popular notion and has been referenced by many others from the Wall Street Journal to the Gurus on LinkedIn. So if the job boards are no longer effective how are people finding opportunities?

Bellow are 5 useful tips and techniques that have helped my past candidates land new opportunities.

1. Linkedin:

Linkedin is one of the best tools out there. Its free, its easy and it has 101 million users world wide, if you are not on there then you are behind the eight ball.

Complete your profile: If you don't have a 100% complete profile you are doing yourself a disservice (almost as bad as not being on LinkedIn at all). Linkedin has 1 million+ company pages and countless recruiters spend three, four, five hours a day scouring profiles looking for their next top producer. If you don't have a complete profile somebody else is going to show up in the search before you.

Join Groups: Within Linkedin there are over 870,000 groups all with specific focuses including for specific companies, universities and job seekers. These groups will help you instantly grow your network and start connecting with people that are relevant to what you are looking for. Also any members of a group can send messages to each other, side stepping the whole In Mail thing.

Follow Companies and People: Any companies that you have an interest in you should follow, any HR managers, Directors or VP's in the companies you are interested in you should follow. This allows you to see anything they post including job openings.

2. Jigsaw.com

Jigsaw.com is a free database with employees and companies contact information. It is a great tool to use when coupled with Linkedin. Simply, find your designated contact on Li