Above is a video of the landscape crew outside of my office building on a hot, sunny summer afternoon. There competitive nature and motivation to get the job done represents the attitude of a successful salesforce. They choose to make it happen and give it their all.


Doing What it takes – Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

By Mike Smaha, Recruiter at Treeline, Inc.

"No one ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what is required of him; it is the amount and excellence of what is over and above the required that determines the greatness of ultimate distinction"

Charles Kendall Adams

As you sit in your workplace today take a look around you. Take a look at the leader board then take a look at your coworkers and the way that they operate. There is a direct correlation between the numbers on the board and the work ethic/mentality of each individual sales consultant. The consultant with the highest sales volume didn't get there because he or she was born with the innate ability to sell; it wasn't because he or she was always in the right place at the right time or even dumb luck for that matter. It was because they wanted it more, plain and simple. I once overheard a conversation between two former colleagues and it went something like this, "It must have been nice to have that sale just fall into your lap because of the territory you were given… I wish I were that lucky." And the response to this was something I will never forget; he simply replied, "Luck happens to those who are too busy to look for it." This is the mentality of a winner; this is the mentality of the very name you see at the top of your leader boards.

I guess the underlying message to take from this is that there are distinct reasons why he or she is "lucky and fortunate," while you struggle to get over the hump. Here are a few tips in order to propel yourself to the next level:

  • Positive Self-Expectancy – Life is a self fulfilling prophecy. You get what you expect – so expect the best.
  • Positive Self-Motivation –"Desire and fear are two of the Greatest Motivators." Learn to go for the rewards of success, not away from the penalties of failure
  • Positive Self-Direction – Set Goals – Keep your eyes focused on the prize.
  • Positive Self-Dimension– Little successes lead to victories.


If you keep in mind that you have unlimited potential and always focus on being better today then you were yesterday, you will find the success you are looking for and leave the "Luck" excuses behind you.


Published On: September 23rd, 2011Categories: Blog News, Job Search and Career

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