Share information about who's hiring with Sales Karma 2.0 



More and more we are finding that the traditional job search is outdated in today's market. Companies do not use job boards like they once did, and don't publicly post all positions. 




That makes information sharing more important than ever. As a community of sales professionals, we at Treeline are always looking for new ways to connect people. If we can communicate our experiences with each other, we will be a much more educated group. That is the idea behind Sales Karma 2.0.



The goal of Sales Karma 2.0 is to share information about who is hiring, so that everyone can get back to work. Participating is easy. Use this blog to let us know who you've interviewed with. Have you recently been offered a new position? Take a quick moment to share contact info from the leads or jobs you didn't want or didn't get. Pay it forward and over time it will pay you back!  



Sharing your wisdom with others will not only make you a better sales person, but it may help you and others land that next sales role.* 








*Please note that Sales Karma 2.0 is for sharing information only. It is not a forum for promoting your organization.