6 Career Tips from Your Future Self

Focus on what you want and work backwards from there

1. Quality of Life

Many people do not think about the effect a job will have on their quality of life. What will the opportunity cost you? Will you be able to spend the time you want with friends and family? Will you have the ability to take that vacation you have been waiting for? Is that hour and a half commute going to beat you up after 6 months…how about after a year?

2. Money isn't Everything

Individuals are frequently sold on compensation and can be blinded by the salary. This will get you into trouble. Make sure to live below your means and put more emphasis on challenging yourself professionally within an environment you love and as a result, the money will come.

3. Avoid Impulsive Decisions

This is a tricky one. How often do you say "yes" or "no" without knowing or understanding the details of the question? Make sure you know exactly why the question is being asked and what you are being told. Also, make sure you qualify the sales opportunity by asking qualifying questions.

4. Admit your Mistakes and Learn from Them

In order to become a leader in any industry you have to learn how to push the boundaries. Often, pushing the boundaries leads to making mistakes. Successful people know how to learn from their mistakes and move on.

5. Ask for Help

This one is two sided. When was the last time you had to ask for help? Was it a while ago, if so, maybe you are not pushing yourself? One key attribute for your continued happiness is to avoid the mundane. If you are truly pushing yourself you will inevitably be in a situation where you need help. It may not be the easiest thing in the world for you to do, but learning and mastering this will make your life easier.

6. Don't sweat the small things

The fact is that in today's world we are all very busy. Our work and personal lives have blurred and our days can be quite hectic. It is easy to get consumed and get stressed by the small thing i.e. traffic, computer problems, kids, wife, husband, coworkers, etc. If you can keep your cool and not let the little things bother you it will pay dividends.