Changing our behavior to achieve better results is the most important challenge we face in trying to compete in this chaotic world. To improve any and all aspects of your life–you may not know how to begin. What can you do differently to create more positive results in your work and personal life? – Chip Eichelberger, author of "Think: Applying the Success Principles of 1918 Today"

One of our recent blogs was about being in a sales slump and what you can do to break out of it. The article suggests that even the smallest changes in your behavior will help to get your head on straight and out of a slump.

It's the middle of April, I landed one deal, have lost two deals have another one in the works. While, I landed one deal, I need more activity to ensure a successful month. My pipeline is lacking… "lacking"…that bites. Truth is I am not running enough activity. I have been in sales long enough to know that I am going to have way more losses compared to wins – so in order to win more, you have to play more. But it is easy to get down and start slumping.

So many times we get to this point in the month and our behavior will lead us to begin to forfeit this month and start building for next. I am not taking away from that – it is imperative to build out and have as many deals as you can, all sizes, in the works. My point is not to go to sleep on the month at hand. It is not unrealistic to find that low hanging fruit that may present itself to you. You may find a prospect at the right time and they are in serious need. You may find a dormant client that comes to light. Anything can happen, timing is everything.

There are 2 weeks left in April, I am batting .250. If I can find a deal in the next 2 weeks, qualify it and close it – at the most I will finish the month at 2 for 5, and at the least, I have a head start on May. Either way, it is a win and I am going in the right direction.

Avoid the slump all together and change the behavior now. At this point with the pipeline "lacking" – you know exactly what you need to do. Now let's see how the next couple of business days turn out.

Published On: April 25th, 2011Categories: Blog News, Job Search and Career, Sales Success

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