I went on a client visit this afternoon and after stepping into the boardroom my client looked at me and asked:  "Would you like any coffee or water before we get started?"  I politely declined and commenced the meeting.  After leaving my meeting, I began thinking about my client's question and had the thought,  'When was the last time I was offered coffee at a meeting?'



It seems as though a few years ago drinking coffee during a business meeting was customary and declining a refreshment offered by your client was considered rude.  Has hospitality in the boardroom taken a toll due to the economy or has it simply become pass??  Or are clients no longer asking because the offer is constantly declined.  I'll be honest, I would love water and/or coffee but I literally spill everything I eat or drink on myself.  Add a full cup of coffee and the pre-meeting nerves and you have a disaster on your hands and coffee on your table.




Is coffee still for closers or have we moved on?