Will You Actually Hire Your Competitions Star Sales Executive or Just Another Dud?

Happy New Year! We’ve certainly been told to expect quite a memorable one. I applied that notion euphemistically because I imagine you may be anxiously approaching 2023. Some companies will navigate this year’s expected strangeness by poaching employees from larger businesses.

I maintain this blog to share my unique insights developed through helping firms like yours discover elite talent for more than two decades. These exceptional years have repeatedly demonstrated that growing businesses need assistance with their recruitment strategy. Fortunately, a solution exists.

Jack Welch Said It Best

Strong brands appear to have an insurmountable advantage when hiring top talent. Still, they all have their “pot full of duds”, to borrow a phrase from Jack Welch.

Large companies that sell well-known brands are like powerful magnets. They easily attract more candidate traffic to their jobs. Meanwhile, mid-sized companies struggle to gain access to the same talent pool.

This access disparity causes the illusion that big brands hire the most talented employees. As your life experience has surely taught you, illusions, or simply misunderstanding what’s happening, can cause us to make incorrect conclusions.

Misunderstanding how to hire actual talent is a critical problem for an expanding business. It makes executives and management teams struggle to build a smart and strategic recruitment plan.

How to Develop a Strategic Recruiting Plan

Logic and data should guide growing businesses that want to turn their brands into household names. Instead, t