For those of you who don't quite understand what we do, simply put – we form partnerships.
Let me tell you about one day last week when I interviewed 3 different sales professionals.  They were all great and all came from different backgrounds and all at different stages of their careers;

  • Educational sales with about 5 years of experience
  • Sales operations with 10 + years of experience
  • Pharma representative with just under 10 years of experience

All of them very good professionals and all have success in their background.  Only one of them had a well organized and presentable resume, the other 2 needed some real help to polish up the resumes.  I am not afraid to write this in fear of said candidates reading my criticisms. Why?…I already told them what I think.  We fixed up the information and did some cosmetic changes.  They increased their marketability exponentially with those simple changes to their resumes. 
We talked about what they are doing for their job search, what websites they are using, the networking strategies, appealing opportunities that they were seeking, and so on.  I suggested some other sites that they should use, how to spend their time being more proactive in the search, interviews that they had been on, companies they were targeting, and so on.

We talked about how they are positioning their stories and how they speak about their backgrounds.  This is a huge piece of the interview process – it is not just important to have a good story, you have to practice telling it to someone.  If you can't effectively articulate your background, who will?

After speaking with all of them, I recognized that Treeline works with opportunities that they would definitely be fits for.  Why?  These candidates are all willing to partner with me to assist in advancing their careers.
I feel safe in saying that all of them will be very solid assets to any team.  All of them finished the conversation with a sincere 'thank you' and two of them even had referrals for me. 
I got off the phone feeling that I added significant value to their search and I believed they felt the same way.  The kicker of the whole thing is that I did not pitch one job to them.  As recruiters, we make money by placing candidates in our clients' companies.  But that is not essentially what we do, we build partnerships…with everyone,