Meet Dave DeMelo at Treeline Inc.Meet David DeMelo, a five year Division Manager at Treeline Incorporated. Always business minded, David started working at a very early age. His first memory of being in business was when he was 16 and looking to make extra spending money. Click Here for Video

One day after school, David and a friend of his stopped by a well known landscape company to inquire about openings. Unfortunately, there was only one opening and Dave's friend got the job. Disappointed but determined, David didn't just accept this fate and walk away – instead he overcame his first objection. The next day David went back to the owner of company and told him he would be the hardest working, most dependable employee he would ever hire. He said to the owner, "working hard is all I know; I don't believe you can afford NOT to hire me". The owner was impressed by David's tenacity and hired him on the spot. David continued to work there for seven years. Little did David know, his professional career would one day be teaching others how to go after what you want and not stop until you get it.

A native of Tewksbury, MA and graduate of Merrimack College, he actually never thought of a career in sales. David's Portuguese heritage influenced his professional career early in life. He was interested in the large corporate culture, longevity and security. Unfortunately the corporate climate never satisfied his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to take risks.

David then explored a career in sales. Prior to Treeline, David worked in both financial and pharmaceutical sales roles. Although he excelled in both industries, something was missing. Consistently referred to as a "People Person," David decided he would try his hand at recruiting, only to find that it fit like a glove.

David has been with Treeline for over five years. The collaborative team model, David helped build in Treeline's early days, continues to both challenge and benefit David on a daily basis. "There are several days that I rely on my colleagues for advice and support, and other days, where they look to me for leadership and direction." David feels grateful that he has been able to make a career out of his natural ability to listen to and understand people.

"Still to this day, my favorite and most memorable candidate placement story is about the first person I ever placed", said David. "After spending over an hour with my first candidate, I left the interview room, convinced I didn't have the right opportunity for that person. Still very early in training, I told my CEO who told me to go back into the room and ask my candidate, "What is the most important thing for me to know about what you are looking for". My candidate said, "commute" He said that he had two kids and was in charge of morning carpools, thus needed to work close to home. I told him about a great job that was five minutes from his home. He is still there today and doing very well.

David believes he is an open communicator and is genuinely interested in helping people attain something they need – in this case, a career. Another instance where he helps people is in the sport of hockey.

David has been skating since he was three years old. Through hockey, David has traveled across the country, met hundreds of people and pushed himself to the limit both physically and mentally. Growing up, David was always that kid that tested his limits with the referees. As Dave got older and his love of hockey remained consistent, he often wondered what it would feel like to be on the other end. After little contemplation, decided to get certified as a USA Hockey Referee.

"I started refereeing back in middle school and did it throughout high school," said David. "I eventually stopped when I went to college but recently decided to pick it back up about a year ago."

Since David is interested in helping others, being a referee allows him to give back to the hockey community, especially the kids.

"Being a referee is more than just calling the game. I get to become a mentor and a teacher," he said. "Safety is the number one goal and I want these kids to feel confident out there and have fun! I referee six years olds through high school and being able to see these kids develop on the ice and to be a better player reminds me of my days."

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, David is looking forward to spending quality time with his family and fueling up on his mother's Portuguese home cooking. "My family is everything to me, if it was not for them, then who knows where I would be!"

Published On: November 16th, 2009Categories: Blog News, Treeline

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