Do Your Job Patriots sayingSunday, February 1st, 2015 the New England Patriots overcame the largest fourth quarter deficit in NFL Super Bowl history to dethrone the reigning champion Seattle Seahawks 28-24 in thrilling fashion. Coach Belicheck was quoted weeks earlier during the Second Round Playoff nail-biter motivating his players with a speech about how if each person simply did their job that their team was strong enough to conquer any challenge and that their system would allow them to reach their goal of being victorious. The slogan resonated throughout the locker room and became an instant motto in New England. “Just Do Your Job.” …It was perfect.

The tough, fast-paced, and hard-working culture of New England could relate to the new motto and started to identify by it. The Patriots went on to claim the AFC Championship and “Just Do Your Job” slogan became “Finish the Job” and win the Super Bowl.

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The Super Bowl matchup against the Seahawks was a great example of how teamwork, dedication, and trust in a system can bring the success your organization desires and that if each person does there job, anything is possible. I couldn’t help but relate it to this same needed mentality within every company executive search. If everyone does their job, and does it well then success will come, right?

Tom Brady, NE Patriots Quarterback, won his third Super Bowl MVP but the victory could not have been more of a team effort. Years of hard-work and preparation from the front office went in to bring this particular group of individuals together and months of practice and studying playbooks for the coaches and players was culminated into one showcase against the best team in the NFC; winner take all.

In order for the Patriots to win, each member of their team would have to remember their assignment and trust in the system that got them to the Championship. The game came down to the last drive of regulation when Malcolm Butler, an undrafted rookie cornerback for New England stepped up off of the bench and began the most career changing possession of his life.

Several plays in a row, Seattle QB Russell Wilson targeted Butler as a weakness in the Patriots defense and Butler did exactly his job, played great cover defense and blanketed his receiver with outstanding coverage. Wilson continued to press and ended up connecting deep with a fluke miraculous leg catch by a Seahawks receiver. Patriot Nation was devastated and it looked like once again the Pats would lose in terrible fashion because of an uncontrollable and rare misfortune that allowed Butler to be beat on the play that he had done everything right to prevent from happening.

The game was dwindling down to its last seconds and right when New England was preparing for a dagger, Malcolm Butler remembered a read that had beat him in practice and jumped on it. He intercepted Russell Wilsons pass in the end zone and in that moment, he helped capture the title for his team. Malcolm Butler who was unknown and unexperienced, will now always be remembered for his hard-work, dedication, and trust in the system. Without his attitude and ethic, the Patriots would have not been able to bring this Championship back to New England.

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One of the main takeaways, is that no matter who you are, what position you play or title you hold, every person is a critical and necessary contributor and should not be overlooked. Since joining Treeline Executive Search I have learned so much from the leadership team. I understand that it takes days, months and years to build an organization. It is amazing how productive and efficient we are as an organization when each person does their job, and does it well. Whether you’re an executive or a rookie just starting out, I have learned that hard work, dedication, and trust in your company and process, enables anyone on the team the opportunity to make a game winning play. If you “Just Do Your Job”, stay resilient, and persevere through the tough times, it is amazing what type of challenges a team can overcome.

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