How are you getting candidates into your pipeline? Do you only post on your website or depend on referrals? Job boards are not new to the sales recruiting world but they have evolved over the last decade. They are still a popular choice for hiring managers that are looking to hire for one or multiple sales roles but do not have the budget of a traditional sales recruiting firm. How do you know if a job board is right for you? Here are some pros and cons to posting your sales roles on a job board to help with your sales recruiting strategy.


  1. Hundreds of potential candidates will view your job: You can get your job posting out there quickly and start getting views from candidates in hours, not days.
  2. Search parameters: Set the type of job, location and salary to weed out potentially bad fits.
  3. Screening questions: Some job boards will allow you to ask a few qualifying questions.
  4. Cheap: Low to no cost to post jobs


  1. Spam/Unqualified applicants: With those hundreds of potential candidates comes a lot of unqualified candidates.
  2. Lack of brand recognition: Although you can put your logo and a company description, you cannot create true brand recognition and get candidates excited about your opportunity.
  3. Outdated Posts: In this fast paced, candidate driven market you need to capitalize on the best candidates and fast. Your post can become old, fast, on job boards.
  4. Not sales specific: You are competing not only with other sales roles but everything else on the internet that people post. It is impossible to find that needle in a haystack.


One of the biggest reason people choose job boards is because it is a low barrier of entry, low risk and investment with seemingly low effort. The feedback we receive from our clients who tried job boards before partnering with us is that they actually had to go through a lot of effort posting the job and then sifting through all the resumes with no guarantee of a single qualified applicant. This is why I would challenge you to rethink what you think about job boards vs sales recruiters.

Truth is, traditional recruiting firms often cannot compete with job boards based on cost alone. Although the comparison between job boards and sales recruiters is not even a true apples to apples comparison. Treeline recognized the large gap between the job board option and traditional recruiting. This is when we created an alternative sales recruiting option for every budget and bandwidth.

Sourcing as a Service (SaaS) is more than 50% cheaper than traditional recruiting. It is extremely unique; offering qualified, interested and available candidates to you within 3 days of launching a search with our team. Check out the Treeline Resume or contact us for a demo today!

Published On: August 27th, 2019Categories: Best Hiring Practices

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