We live in a very unique country.  In this country, regardless of our starting point, each one of us has the tremendous opportunity to use our creativity, our belief, and our 'know how' to be successful.  We have been brought up in an entrepreneurial society that promotes new ideas.  You can do anything you want to do as long as you put your mind to it and execute. 



We are all very fortunate to live the lives that we do.  If you have traveled internationally then you know that we live in a country of opportunity and if you are in sales then you are an entrepreneur.  As an entrepreneur, you are faced with challenges at every turn and you are the only one who can overcome them.  




In good times and in bad, you must never loose belief.  The key to being a successful entrepreneur is the never ending belief in yourself.  To be successful you must possess the ability to look for the positive in everything.  Take responsibility for your actions and always do the right thing.  And, when you find yourself doing the wrong thing, recognize it, resolve it and learn from it. 




If you can do that, you will be successful as an entrepreneur and you will always find success in your life.