Desperate or Aggressive?

With today's volatile job market, are you coming across as desperate or aggressive in your job search?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. However, at what point do you cross the line of desperation and no longer appeal to the company you have worked so hard to impress. Sales professionals are competitive, strive to beat out their competition, and do not like to hear no for an answer. Yet, when this mentality is applied to your job search, you are at risk of crossing the line of being aggressive and coming across as desperate.

So, what are some signs that you are on the verge of blurring that line?

Bombarding the potential employer with emails and phone calls, showing up at the office unannounced, and applying to multiple positions within the organization are all signs of desperation. Remember, everything in moderation, and this holds true in your job search.

In order to avoid these blunders, make sure to close the potential employer and ask when you should hear back from them with feedback. Do not act out of impulse. Instead have a plan.

Often a job seekers' desperation is triggered by a couple of interviews gone wrong. If you have crossed the line of aggression and become desperate was it due to any of these circumstances…

  • You did not receive any calls back from the firms that you applied to?
  • You did not get past the first round of interviews and received no feedback?
  • Do you keep on getting to the final stages of the hiring process and all of a sudden they give the job to someone else?


There can be thousands of reasons why you did not get the job, but it is the UNKNOWN that takes you down a path of insecurity, doubtfulness and eventually a drastic change.

First things first, are you being realistic with yourself?

  • Are you applying to jobs that you are qualified for?
  • Are you applying to jobs with a salary that is unrealistically greater than the salary you have now?
  • Are you applying for roles that require a degree and you do not have one?
  • Are you just sending your resume to every job you come across online and not following up?
  • Are you trying to relocate and sending your resume to jobs with an address not in the area you want to move to?

These are some common mistakes that job seekers often make and can leave you feeling frustrated.

In order to avoid coming off as desperate you should:

  • Start with a plan. Get a list of job opportunities that you are qualified for and that you are interested in. What can you leverage in your background or experience that will get you an interview?
  • Do not just send your resume through the online portal. Find out who the decision makers are and call them! Introduce yourself and find out the hiring process.
  • Certain requirements can be bent, but others cannot such as, degree, driving record, background check etc. If they want it and you don't have it, why bother sending your resume?
  • Did you close the hiring manager? Did you ask if they had any concerns about you or your background? Did you ask them the next steps in the process? Did you practice your ABC's, always be closing?


The best thing you can do is ask and find out where you are in the hiring process. Hold hiring managers accountable, find out your place within the interviewing process, and do not be afraid to ask questions! Communication is key to a successful job search.

Remember in a job search you will face rejection before you land your next new sales job opportunity, keep going and learn from the process.

Published On: April 9th, 2012Categories: Blog News, Job Search and Career

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