Turn a bad day into a good day

"Some days you are the pigeon, other days you feel like the statue."

Every day I wake up, get out of bed, start the coffee, turn the shower on and as I brush my teeth, I look in the mirror and ask myself, "What kind of day am I going to make it, today?" I take full accountability that no matter what events occur today – I will always have full control over how I react to those events and how I let them affect me. In the book, Man's Search for Meaning by Dr. Viktor Frankl (which I am currently re-reading), he talks about that, as humans, the only thing that we have absolute control over is our attitude and how we react to what is happening to us. Dr. Frankl mastered his ability to control his attitude while being held captive in concentration camps during WWII. He paid witness to some of the most brutal and savage events of modern history and he gives thanks to his ability to control his attitude and outlook on life for his survival.

The book is humbling but it certainly gives you some long lasting perspective as to how we handle ourselves, day in and day out. Some days, the events lead to having a good day full of good conversations, good dealings and ultimately, for us sales people, good money. Then there are those other days…those days where nothing is going your way, nobody is happy with you, and it seems as though the bad news won't stop coming. I'm talking about bad days. These are the days where you are truly tested – can you keep going or do you pack it up and call it quits. Do you allow the frustration from one event carry over and affect your whole day?!

We have all done it. Walk out to find an unjust parking ticket on your car and then you get on a sales call that goes south – you're fed up and frustrated. Because your fuse is short, you blow up at a friend or colleague and then it spirals out of control…bad day.

If you control your attitude from the get go, you can stop the bad day from spiraling out of control. Parking ticket?! – bummer, but could have been worse, you could have been towed. Lost a deal?! – happens every day and it will never change. Better now than later, a 'no' is always better than a 'maybe.' Now, you are free to go hunt another prospect that will ultimately be a better client.

Whatever is happening in your day – stop reacting and think about it. Are you going to let this single event ruin your entire day? Make the choice to control your attitude – don't let someone else control what kind of day you are going to have – that is in your hands. This approach will not magically prevent bad days from occurring, but it will help give you a better perspective and a better chance to get your day back on track. After all, without bad days – how would we recognize the good days?

Have you had a bad day at work that you want to share with us? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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Published On: May 21st, 2010Categories: Blog News, Job Search and Career, Sales Success

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