About a month ago there was a whole big bowl of Fireballs on our kitchen table in the office.  I never really liked Fireballs for the simple fact that they burned my mouth.  I also could never figure out why so many people liked them.  So, I decided to have one Fireball every day until I could figure out what people like about them and I can tell you, it was certainly not the HOT feeling I got when I first put the Fireball in my mouth.  To be honest, the first couple times I ate one, I could not finish it.  I really did not like the burning sensation that it gave me. 

After about 10 days of spitting theses things out I finally had enough guts to keep one in my month the entire time, until it was gone.  To my surprise, I enjoyed the center of the Fireball.  The next day I was more excited about the Fireball.  I started to think about the sugary center of the candy and not think about the "hot shell" the encases it.  After about 20 days eating Fireballs I found myself growing akin to them and actually looked forward to not only having one, but eating about two a day. 



The thing that I realized about eating the Fireballs is that it is a lot like sales.  NOBODY likes to cold call or the heavy lifting of any job.  But, EVERYBODY loves the sugary center or the closing of a deal.  Now, after eating the Fireballs for a month I understand that it is not the HOT feeling that people enjoy but it is the sweet center.  In life or the working world it is the same thick shell with a sweet center!  The thicker the shell, the sweeter the center and that is what we are all after.  So remember, every day when you wake up, you too will have a "hot shell" to go through before you get to your "sweet center".  Some days the shell will be thicker than others but there will always be a sweet center. 

As a reminder, I now brush my teeth with a cinnamon tooth paste to make sure I never forget that I that I need to get through the "thick shell" before I enjoy the "sweet center."  Plus, I will get fewer cavities.    



Published On: May 13th, 2009Categories: Blog News, Job Search and Career, Sales Success

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