Climb above the Treeline in your sales careerWhat does Endurance mean to you? I think of perseverance, persistence, determination, tenacity, and strength. What also comes to mind is the ship used on Shackleton's Incredible Voyage through the Antarctic that was rightfully named Endurance. The journey Shackleton and his crew faced would go down in history as one of the greatest examples of what it takes to survive; not just in physical ability but in spirit. For most of us we will never reach as deep nor experience the same hardships as Endurance, but without endurance where would we be today? Whether in the Antarctic, on Mt. Everest, in the gym, or in the office we all have a degree of endurance we must tap into.

So why am I talking about endurance? Let's face it starting a sales career is not easy and we all have been there. Pound out the 100 calls per day, work long hours, skip lunch, skip dinner, miss a workout or more importantly miss family time. However, it's those who possess endurance and make sacrifices who overcome obstacles in order to hit their mark.

If you're just starting out and beginning to feel the pains, please look to your successful peers who have been there and endured the same hardships. Talk to them and ask for advice. It's all part of the course and there will be times where you'll need to reach deep to find your fuel and push on. If this makes sense to you and you're motivated, strong, and willing to take risks and work harder than you have before, let endurance guide you to success.

I thought I would end by sharing the meaning behind the name Treeline