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The 5 Step Process to Discover the Best Leads to Fill Your Pipeline

Prospecting can often be the most difficult part of the sales process. In fact, according to CSO Insights, 68% of companies site generating high-quality leads as their toughest sales challenge. Many traditional lead generation strategies are both ineffective and inefficient. On average, 73% of the leads sales deal with [...]

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Breaking Down the Data Surrounding the Account Executive Role in the SaaS Marketplace

In the SaaS world, metrics can be finicky beasts. What works at LinkedIn, Salesforce, Twilio, or Zendesk might not be transferable from one to the other, let alone work for you. Questions around “how can I benchmark myself?” make leading an Account Executive group all the more challenging. We [...]

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Career Advice Millennials Never Got, But Need More Than Ever

I want to start off by saying that I love the Millennial generation. The Millennial generation has energy and passion. They are innovative with an entrepreneurial mindset in a digital and technology-driven age. Their potential continues to unfold as generations before them retire from the workforce…but with that shift [...]

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Everyone Should Start Their Career as a Sales Development Representative

I know what you're thinking, bold statement that "Everyone should start their career as a sales development representative," but bear with me. As I went to college and I looked at my options for declaring a major, there were no degrees in sales, personal development, or mindset training. When I [...]

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