In a society that measures success by the amount of money you make, how can you find success by working for free?

As an entrepreneur I can tell you first hand that an entrepreneur starts off working for free. You are not getting paid, and no one cares about what you are doing except for you. Your belief will bring you success and failure is always right around the corner. The harsh reality is that as an entrepreneur you will need to fight to win and succeed.

When you decide to work for free, there is no going back… you have rent to pay, employees to hire, websites to build and products to develop. Everything is on your shoulders to make it happen. You are working for free because you truly believe that you will change your market, industry and your career. The risks are high, but you do it anyway. You see many competitors come and go and in the end you keep pushing the envelope to succeed. You have made the commitment and find yourself working for free to make your ideas and career a success for future payouts.

If you are in sales you encounter these same risks and fears. Like an entrepreneur taking on a new venture you make tough decisions that will prove to be beneficial or detrimental to your career. If you plan to change your career you will need to take risks. You have to take on financial risks and at times you may think that you are working for free. If you are in sales consider the risks and keep your eye on the future prize. Your goal should be to find a company with a great executive team, a great product, and sustainable culture that helps you achieve future success and growth.

How do you make money?

In life you will always find people that complain that they don't make enough money. None of that matters if you don't have the confidence and belief in yourself to make money. It is all just a distraction. Many good and bad things happen on a daily basis but it can never distract you from achieving your goals. Make the right choices, do the right things, and the money will come.

Everyday our company works for free. Our candidates expect a top rate service at no cost. They are a tough customer and expe