Treeline blooper video reel.

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As sales professionals, we are used to making mistakes – lots and lots of mistakes. Recently, Treeline has asked a few consultants to do a quick pitch to inform the public about some tools that we just rolled out, Join Our Network and DADO. We taped the consultants doing these sales pitches so that we could put them up on YouTube and spread the good word on what Treeline is trying to accomplish.

I volunteered to give the pitch a try. If you know me, I am a fairly personable guy who is not very shy. I have no problem speaking in front of people and 9 times out of 10 – I will not be a complete disaster. When the camera is on – it is a different story. This clip is to illustrate how many mistakes it takes to get something right. The answer?! – lots and lots of mistakes. The biggest mistake, however, occurred when the camera was off and I forgot to erase my outtakes…now here they are for your enjoyment. If you are feeling down about yourself, get ready to feel better – you're welcome.