Advice I'd give to my 22 year old selfI turn 30 this year. I know I’m getting pretty old huh (cue the eye roll). On a serious note though, I have been reflecting on my past and what I have accomplished in life so far.

I know I am not truly “old” and by any means I am not trying to convey life-long wisdom, but I think as you reach certain ages and milestones, that it is good to reflect on your past so you can plan and look forward to the future. I do not have any regrets, but I think there is some advice I would share with my stubborn 22-year old self who has just graduated from college.

1. Have Direction and Take Direction

When you first graduate, it brings anxiety and excitement. You’re excited for the next step in your life and there seems to be endless opportunities. And with that comes anxiety to look for a job, make money, and find your place in the world. My advice is to connect and talk to as many people as possible. As a recent grad with “no real-world experience” you need to be able to sell yourself and your strengths to hiring managers.

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Do not expect to have anything given to you. You will set yourself up for failure if you do not have realistic expectations around your search. It’s a nice thought and a realistic long-term goal, but unfortunately the $150k salary is not going to happen in your first year. Figure out what you like and what interests you and pursue that. Be flexible and see what’s out there. Talk to people who are in the profession that you are interested in. Ask them about their day-to-day, the good and the bad, if they enjoy the career, and anything that concerns you.

If you’re interested in a certain company, be willing to get in on t