The best time to look for a job is during the holiday crazeThanksgiving is right around the corner, and holiday ads are already making their debut. Believe it or not, 2016 is coming to a close and companies are looking to fill their headcount needs to kick off 2017.

This is the time of year when candidates start updating their resumes and start looking for new opportunities. But here is the thing, even if you are not looking to make a move until next year, you should start the process now. Why? Because the hiring processes takes time and companies who want to hire in the New Year want to identify people now.

So here are a few reasons why you should start looking now:

1. Business slows down:

Your business, their business, all businesses are affected by the distractions of the holidays and end of year.  This creates some flexibility with your schedule and potential employers’ schedules. Companies are already forecasting how their year will finish and how they can best position themselves for next year…you could be a key part to that plan. Keep in mind, companies could also be extremely busy closing out their year so this a good time to set expectations around hiring process to see when they are looking to hire and how quickly or slowly the process could be. This will help you have realistic expectations as well when looking to make a job change around the holidays.

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2. Companies are hiring and have budget to spend:

Companies have a fiscal budget and if that budget has not been spent yet, then they are going to do what it takes to find a good candidate to hire and spend that budget.  If you are not looking to make a move that fast, that is okay because on the other side of the coin are the other companies, who have spent their fiscal budget and are waiting for the New Year.  They want to have all their ducks in a row and good candidates in the queue to hire in the New Year.