"Innovation is at the heart of economic prosperity and SBANE continues to recognize those companies that have transformed their innovative ideas into a product or service that delivers proven value to customers." (www.sbane.org)

As many of you know, Treeline has developed an application called DADO, a first of its kind Social Recruiting platform and community that fuses 21st century technologies (including social media) and behaviors with recruiting best practices.

The Smaller Business Association of New England, Inc. (SBANE) recognizes innovative corporations who have unique growth characteristics and traction in their respective markets. SBANE utilizes its highly competitive Innovation awards program to showcase technology-driven enterprises who are potentially "game changers" in their marketplace niche. (www.sbane.org)

As a nominee of the New England Innovation Award, Treeline presented DADO, to an influential group of judges. Treeline was among 400+ attendees that attended the March 24th event.

Treeline believes that DADO will change the way the recruiting industry operates; it will also transform the way companies everywhere recruit their workforces, and the way professionals propel their job searches. In this new paradigm, recruiters add knowledge and support; thereby, fostering and reinforcing the social recruiting service for the 21st century, which is knowledge-powered, technology-enabled, collaborative, and social.