You’re trained to focus on “how to qualify out” instead of “selling in.”

You're growing your business and you're hiring. You need talented salespeople to join your team. Empty territories mean empty quotas, and that equates to lost revenue that cannot be recovered. You need top sales representatives to join your company and you need them now. However, you can't afford to make a bad hire, but you can't find the perfect fit either.


You’re not alone. Sales organizations all face the same challenge of identifying, recruiting, and hiring top sales talent. You’re posting on job boards, active on social media, and searching resume databases. You know how great your company and sales job is so why aren’t the A-Players jumping at the chance to seize an excellent opportunity?


One of the most common reasons why sales management and HR professionals fall down in the hiring process is because you’ve been trained on “how to qualify out” rather than “how to sell in.”