Treeline Executive Search CEO Daniel S. Fantasia Shares How Job Seekers Can Effectively Highlight Their Resume ByUsing Technology To Build Social Brand

Fantasia shares why utilizing technology to build a social brand is essential in today’s job market and executive search
Wakefield, Massachusetts: December 10, 2013: Treeline Founder and CEO Daniel S. Fantasia appeared
on Boston’s Fox 25 Morning Show Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 8:35 am, to discuss how job seekers
can effectively use technology to highlight their resumes in the job search and executive search to build social brand.
Fantasia educated viewers on what social brand is and why it is essential in the job search. He shared
how job seekers can utilize free technologies to enhance their job search and which social technologies
job seekers should be using. Fantasia noted that hiring managers will not only review a resume but also
search the Internet to find out what kind of professional and person you are. He highlighted 5 ways job
seekers can boost their resume. He noted that the little time invested in building your social brand will
have a significant return, ultimately giving a job seeker greater control over their job search.
Fantasia emphasized the importance of a well-written and concise resume, but highlighted the equal
relevancy of using technology to market your experience and accomplishments. A job seekers resume
and profile needs to be consistent and by utilizing technology, candidates create a strong and
noteworthy social brand.

Visit Treeline, Incorporated’s blog for more information on how to build social brand.

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Published On: December 5th, 2013

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