How to Build a High-Performing Sales Culture of Success

7 Steps to Recruit, Engage, and Retain Top Sales Performers

A disengaged sales culture will cause your top employees to turnover. This can cost you up to 60% of that employee’s annual salary. Yikes!

You need a sales culture of success that helps you recruit and retain top salespeople, which will support your company in achieving your projected revenue.

We asked sales managers, CEOs, recruiters, and HR leaders how company culture plays into their sales recruitment and selection process. We compiled 7 steps to building and sustaining a high performing culture of success.

Key learning objectives:

  • How bring key decision makers together
  • How to define company culture
  • How to identify top sales talent
  • How to support the sales recruiting efforts
  • How to build an employer brand
  • How to interview for culture
  • How to retain top sales performers

Employees don’t leave companies, they leave management

One of the main contributors of employee turnover is a lack of sales management. It’s been found that top producers leave companies due to the breakdown in their relationship with their direct supervisor (70% of the time), so investing in your sales managers is equally as important as investing in the entire sales force.

How to Build a Sales Culture of Success