Hiring Tools From A to Z

Hiring Tools From A To Z | Treeline, Inc. Sales RecruitingHiring is one of the most critical tasks to every organization.
That is why we put all of our best tools, resources and knowledge into one centralized e-book to help companies organize and streamline the recruitment process while making sure they bring only the best talent into their organization. By helping companies hire the right talent, we can help companies sustain a thriving culture.

In this ebook we’ll cover how to: 
  1. Hire Salespeople From Sourcing to Start
  2. Interview And Hire Sales Professionals Utilizing an Interview Scorecard 
  3. Interview Hire and Onboard For a Remote Workforce
  4. Understand Sales Characteristics of Top Performers
  5. Build a High-Performing Sales Culture of Success

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    COVID-19 Sales Recruiting Survival Guide

    This guide will serve as your ride along partner through COVID-19. Inside you will find guidance in the following areas:

    1. Idetifying your new normal
    2. Creating a financial and business plan
    3. How to recruit, hire and onboard remotely
    4. Transitioning your workforce
    5. Extra resources

    COVID-19 Sales Recruiting Survival Guide