In this episode of the Jess Get Hired Podcast, host Jessica Fiesta George interviews Dan Fantasia, a sales recruiting expert and founder of Treeline. They discuss the benefits of a career in sales, the qualities of successful salespeople, and how companies can effectively recruit sales professionals. They also explore how businesses can create a positive environment to attract and retain sales talent, and provide tips for job seekers on preparing for sales interviews and standing out in the job market. The conversation emphasizes the importance of understanding the sales model and setting realistic expectations for both employers and job seekers.


  • A career in sales offers independence, control over income, and the opportunity to have an entrepreneurial mindset within a larger corporation.
  • Successful salespeople possess qualities such as hard work, accountability, and resilience.
  • When recruiting sales professionals, companies should understand their sales model and identify the specific characteristics required for success in their organization.
  • To foster a positive environment, employers should set realistic goals, understand the needs and wants of their sales team, and communicate effectively.
  • Job seekers can stand out by researching companies, understanding their story and experiences, and building a daily networking and job searching strategy.
  • Staying ahead of trends in sales recruitment requires gathering data, staying informed about market conditions, and adapting strategies accordingly.
Published On: February 22nd, 2024Categories: Podcasts

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