Did you know that many new businesses fail in their first year? A problem in market penetration is one of the main reasons for this failure.  For your business to overcome the first difficult months, quickly establish yourself on the target market.

A qualified sales representative can help your new business identify leads, build relationships, and close deals. The sales professional helps your company build brand recognition, increase sales, and improve the bottom line.

If you don’t have a sales representative on your team, discover some signs that you need one now.

1. Strong Business Growth

Most business owners don’t hire new talent first to reduce costs. While you can handle most of the roles in a new business, the pressure often piles up as the company grows. If you notice an increase in customer inquiries and higher sales, a sales rep can help optimize the sales function.

An experienced sales representative represents your brand and is your face on the market. The sales expert develops relationships with your clients, generates leads, and expands the company’s market reach.

2. High Number of Leads

Lead generation is at the core of your company’s growth. With a solid lead generation strategy, the number of leads keeps growing. Your team likely works hard to generate leads, but without follow-up, these efforts go to waste. The lead generation process consumes lots of time and money, and any prospect you earn in the sales funnel requires proper nurturing.

If you notice a high number of leads in the sales funnel, consider an additional sales professional to turn these prospects into customers. The competition in the business landscape means other sales teams are at work to grab these potential customers from you. A sales representative becomes an asset to your business as they nurture the leads to close more deals.

3. Flat Growth Curve

For a business owner, the first few years after launch are often the most frightening. If you pull through this phase successfully, your business likely returns good profits consistently. While such business performance is an entrepreneur’s dream, don’t stop here but aim for more growth.

Flat growth is a risky situation for any business because any disruption can lead to massive losses. Aim for further growth to cushion your business against debilitating market shocks and other unforeseen events. A sales rep is the best person to hire for such a role. The best sales professional has a knack for new market opportunities. Your business can gain new clients in markets, and the growth curve can maintain an upward trajectory.

4. New Products or Services

Do you plan to launch a new product or service? Maybe you have an extensive marketing campaign on the horizon? Such projects require a strong sales team to offer the support. A new sales representative helps build new relationships with prospects gained from marketing campaigns.

As you handle one end of the company, the sales rep represents you in the field. The professionals help break down your products and services to prospects, which is an integral part of the customer onboarding process.

5. Poor Sales Teams Performance

In today’s fast-paced business environment, sales professionals have to deliver exceptional results. If your sales team is slow to adapt to new technologies, the results can devastate your growth strategy. One of the easiest ways to rejuvenate the team’s performance is with new talent.

High-performing sales representatives can inject new ideas into your under-par sales team. If you notice a slump in performance from your team, hire the best sales professionals to revamp your growth strategy.

If you want to enjoy sustained business growth, we have a network of over 100,000 sales professionals. We’re Treeline, your first stop for qualified sales professionals for all industries. Find out more about our rich sales talent and the recruiting process here.

Published On: October 27th, 2021Categories: Sales Success

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