Strong sales skills are part of the foundation for a successful sales organization and one of the contributing factors of business growth. Having a competent and reliable
sales team is great, but how can you inspire your sales professionals to achieve the best results? Below are five ways to inspire and motivate your sales team.

1. Set Realistic Goals

Employees are often motivated by goals, especially salespeople. You need to set specific goals so each member of the team knows exactly what they are working towards. In
most sales organizations, these goals are often referred to as Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. The goals may include a monthly revenue target, number of meetings set, or
daily sales activity metrics, such as cold calls, the team should achieve.

You need to spend time with your salespeople and coach up based on their strengths and weaknesses. You should have a strong understanding of your sales model and the
metrics required to be successful as a salesperson in your company. This way, you can know the best methods that can help one achieve the set goals.

For instance, if a salesperson is required to make 10 presentations per week but is not achieving this metric, then you should find out why. Are they failing to do the
basic activity requirements? Is their pitch positioned wrong? Are they targeting the wrong decision makers? What is needed to help this salesperson find success? Once you
have identified the issue, you should be able to coach up the salesperson and give guidance to get them back on track to hit their targets.

2. Nurture Trust

You may find it hard to motivate someone who doesn’t trust you. Therefore, you should build trust with your sales team. You can do this by allowing them to share their
opinions and make certain decisions.

For instance, if you want to change a sales method, meet with them to discuss the best strategy to adopt and give them the floor to share their experiences and ideas. This
will make them feel trusted and appreciated, and they will trust you and your leadership.

Moreover, you should be transparent with your sales team. Share real-time results with them, have open communication channels, and correct mistakes when they happen. When
you are transparent, your sales team will also follow your example and talk to you about any challenges holding them back.

3. Help the Team Believe in Your Business

Employees are always more motivated when they believe in the objective of a business. Hence, you should help your sales team find a deeper meaning from their daily
activities in your company. No employee should feel like their primary work objective is to close business at all costs since this can make them feel morally conflicted and
ultimately lose belief in their purpose.

For example, if you sell solar panels, your team should understand how the solar panels help clients save money, cut electricity bills, and conserve the environment. In
addition to making money and achieving their professional goals, your sales team will be proud to help a client obtain these benefits. Consequently, the team will be
satisfied every time they make a sale, ensuring their continued belief in the company’s mission and objectives.

4. Celebrate Their Wins

You should celebrate every time your sales team meets a target or achieves a goal, whether small or big. Utilize team meetings, huddles, or company-wide meetings to
spotlight salespeople who have achieved various goals or milestones in their career. Another idea is to recognize employees who have embodied the company’s core values, which
will further help build a strong culture of success and grow their belief in what they do.

The acknowledgment can be as simple as giving out a prize or as big as taking them out to dinner to celebrate. You could also hang pictures of monthly top performers in
the office. This recognition can motivate your salespeople to keep working to attain their goals.

5. Educate the Team

The salespeople in your company are looking to grow their careers, and you can help them by educating them. Take them through training sessions and allow them to attend
relevant seminars and conferences. They will learn more about sales in your industry and how to handle different types of customers.

You should also educate them on ways to balance work and life commitments. These lessons will help them even if they leave your company. Giving your salespersons a chance
to learn and take their profession to the next level will motivate them to achieve your business goals.

Make sure to leverage these five ways to inspire and motivate your sales team to ensure you have a reliable sales team to help you reach your company’s goals. Treeline,
Inc., has access to hidden sales talent that can help enhance your business performance. If you need competent salespersons, contact us today for quality recruiting services.

Published On: January 22nd, 2021Categories: Sales Success

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