A qualified, dedicated, and motivated sales force can fuel rapid growth in your business. Whether you’re expanding software sales or need increased outreach for your medical equipment, having the right workers on your team is critical.

You have many recruiting strategies to choose from to acquire talent. However, using data-driven insights is a clever way of leveraging technology to assemble the best sales team. Data-driven insights are techniques that combine industry-level data with recruitment software to help you identify the best available candidates.

Rather than relying on single channels such as job boards, the data approach helps you automate your recruitment process while reaching multiple platforms. Here’s how data-driven insights could help you recruit a quality sales team for your business.

1. Increasing Outreach

Hiring a sales team can be challenging. You need workers who not only fit your company culture but are also knowledgeable of your products and industry. Data-driven insights allow you to target many recruitment channels and focus on the ones with the most promise.

For example, you can use data from job applications to group qualified candidates by recruitment channel. If a specific channel (such as an email list) results in a high proportion of qualified applicants, you can focus more time and resources on that channel.

Recruitment software makes it easier to organize applications by recruitment channel, thus giving you data-driven insights for expanding outreach to more applicants.

2. Identifying the Specific Skills You Need

Data is valuable when determining the type of sales force you want to hire. If you’re looking for specific skills, such as knowledge of software or a minimum level of education, you can use resume parsing technology to filter out unqualified applicants. Optimizing your candidate pool will help you save resources and find that specific skillset that drives business growth.

You can also apply data-driven insights when recruiting for industry-specific positions. For example, IT sales personnel should be passionate about your product and know how it works. You can use data on industry trends to find out where the best candidates are. An even smarter idea is to adjust your recruiting package to match what talented applicants are looking for.

3. Hiring at the Right Time

Timely sales result in higher conversion rates. If your products can solve the problems that your customers experience, you need a dedicated sales force to increase brand awareness. Hiring at the right time will also fill important sales positions and boost candidate satisfaction.

Luckily, you can use data-driven insights to recruit sales personnel right when you need them. For example, recruitment software can reduce hiring timelines to a matter of weeks. Rapid and timely recruitment will help you avoid lost opportunities or losing ground to competitors.

Data regarding supply and demand trends in the labor market is also helpful in developing compensation packages and assigning the number of open positions in your business.

4. Keeping Your Team Together for Longer

Leveraging data during the recruitment process will also help you maintain a team of happy workers. Because employee turnover can be expensive, a more effective approach is finding out what your sales force needs for satisfaction and success in their roles.

Data-driven insights allow you to obtain timely feedback from the recruitment and onboarding process. By responding to candidate concerns and using better recruitment tactics, you can improve employee retention rates.

Data-driven insights allow employers to streamline their recruitment process. At Treeline Recruiting, we specialize in using data to find qualified, interested, and available sales candidates for your business. We leverage advanced sales recruitment solutions to meet your company’s needs and fill positions on time. Are you ready to find the right talent for your sales team? Contact us today.

Published On: March 22nd, 2022Categories: Sales Success

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