There are currently 1.2 open jobs for every person in North America. If you think the top sales talent is sitting around waiting to hear from you, you are going to be disappointed.

Dan Fantasia has been in the field of sales recruiting since 1997 and founded Treeline in 2001. His exclusive focus on helping companies build world-class, elite sales teams has helped to change the lives of over 3,300 sales professionals. Dan has built a deep knowledge of what it takes to build and grow a top-producing business. As a proven sales leader and innovator, Dan has created a positively charged culture that promotes the good in every person, resulting in a team that has developed best-in-practice methodologies and technology that continues to revolutionize the industry.

This week Dan shares knowledge and insight into how to attract, and land the top performing sales people for your organization, and what to do with them once they are onboard.

What you’ll learn:

  • What you will need to build out a positive culture.
  • How to address those who are afraid of transparency.
  • What is a Start / Stop / Keep, and why you need to do it.
  • How a great culture will help you find and maintain great clients.
  • How great sales people find their next selling opportunity.
  • How to structure your organization to find – and keep – the best sales people.
  • What resources you will need as a sales leader to bring on top candidates.
  • Why “Hire Slow, Fire Fast” might not work in sales.
  • What to do with your top sales people once they come on board.
Published On: July 10th, 2023Categories: Podcasts

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