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Treeline’s Culture: Unique

Click Here to Watch Video   At Treeline, our business model has always been unique and just a little bit different from other companies. We are purely a sales organization and our initiatives are not based on individual achievement like most organizations. Instead, our culture has been built around [...]

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Happy Holidays from Treeline!

On behalf of the Treeline Team, we extend our warmest wishes to you and yours during this Holiday Season. We sincerely thank you for your support throughout the years and look forward to continuing success in the years to come. We hope you have aa wonderful holiday season and [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving from Treeline!

Thanksgiving. Can you believe it is here already? For many of us Thanksgiving signifies the beginning of an end. When the holidays hit you know the year is about to come to a fast close. For some, a new year cannot come soon enough. Just the word "new" sparks [...]

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Meet The Team: David DeMelo

Meet David DeMelo, a five year Division Manager at Treeline Incorporated. Always business minded, David started working at a very early age. His first memory of being in business was when he was 16 and looking to make extra spending money. Click Here for Video One day after school, David [...]

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Meet the Team: Kimberly Collins

As many of you may have seen, Kimberly Collins, one of our top producing Division Manager's, was featured on Animal Planet's new show, SuperFetch. In SuperFetch Zak George shows pet parents how to train their dog to do unbelievable tricks. With Zak's help, Kimberly trained her Bernese mountain dog, [...]

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Success Story: Charlie

We tell stories every week about the candidates that we are working with.  Here is a story about one named Charlie that I recently spoke with about his experience in the job search.     "I worked at UPS for over 6 years and did incredibly well while I [...]

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Bloopers: Lots and Lots of Mistakes

 Click Here to Watch Video As sales professionals, we are used to making mistakes - lots and lots of mistakes. Recently, Treeline has asked a few consultants to do a quick pitch to inform the public about some tools that we just rolled out, Join Our Network and DADO. [...]

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