Every internal and external interaction your sales team makes requires communication. In addition to sales enablement, a successful sales communication strategy secures return sales for your business. Verbal and non-verbal communication with prospects can make a difference between a closed deal and a missed opportunity.

To close more sales, you may overlook the value of effective sales communication and outreach. You already have a planned strategy, but how can you get the best out of your plan? This blog explores three ways to enhance communication and outreach for higher sales.

1. Create a Sales Sequence

Also known as sales cadence, a sales sequence is a series of activities your sales team utilizes to secure a prospective sale. The sequence involves all engagements your sales representative has with potential customers, including phone calls, emails, and social media interactions. Strong and effective communication is crucial at every step of the sales sequence.

With a sales sequence, your sales representative maintains consistency in the follow-up of prospective customers. Your sales representative may have to communicate with your prospects up to seven times before they close a sale. If you don’t have a proper sales sequence in place, you are likely to miss many opportunities.

If you want to track every step of the sales process, a sales sequence is the way to go. Your sales team is unlikely to skip any step or forget to follow up on some prospects with the set guidelines. As a result, you obtain quality leads and a higher conversion rate.

2. Take Advantage of Social Sales

Social sales focus more on the creation of strong networks via social media to build potential leads. Effective use of social media influences your buyers and target audience. Various activities on social media notify your audience of your presence and services. For example, you could comment on highly viewed posts, join groups with prospective buyers, or share others’ content.

You need to pick the right platform and deliver quality content to achieve your target. One factor to keep in mind with social sales is the value of consistency. Even though you may not experience the results right away, your efforts establish credibility and create a long-term presence.

A social sales approach offers you benefits such as:

  • Effective connection with decision-makers
  • Deeper, stronger relationships with customers and potential customers
  • Generation of new revenue opportunities
  • An effective strategy to keep ahead of competitors

3. Research Your Leads

Lead research is one of the essential parts of the sales process since it leads to the generation of new sales leads. First, your team needs to familiarize themselves with the personas of your target customers. You can set aside internal resources to provide such information. With the information, your sales team can better decide whether to pursue specific leads.

Once the team verifies that a lead is worth the time and effort, you can have them seek mutual connections. A platform like LinkedIn is resourceful to view prospects’ connections and networks. You can always check to confirm if and how you link to a prospect on LinkedIn.

You could speak to them about how the link connects to the prospect if there is a common link. After that, request to use the common link as a reference. That way, you are more likely to land meetings with high-level executives at your target organization.


You can’t ignore the merits of an effective sales communication strategy from the above points. Effective communication is the way to gain and retain relationships with prospects. If you still have queries or need expert sales guidance, Treeline has you covered. With decades of experience in sales recruiting, you can rest assured that you will get the best services.

Published On: April 4th, 2022Categories: Sales Success

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