10 Reasons You Fail to Hire Salespeople and How to Fix It

You’re growing your business and you’re hiring. You need talented salespeople to join your team. Empty territories mean empty quotas, and that equates to lost revenue that cannot be recovered. You need top sales representatives to join your company and you need them now. However, you can’t afford to make a bad hire, but you can’t find the perfect fit either.

Key learning objectives:

  • The 10 main reasons companies fail to hire salespeople
  • How to overcome these 10 obstacles and hire effectively
  • Tips to improve your sales hiring process
  • Solutions to recruit and hire top sales talent

10 Reasons You Fail to Hire Salespeople

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Mistake #7: You’re trained to focus on “how to qualify out” instead of “selling in.” 

As a hiring manager, one of the biggest mistakes you can makes is assuming everyone wants your job and as a result:

  • You forget to sell the opportunity and company to the candidates.
  • You don’t sell the positives, but negative sell the opportunity to a fault.
  • You project a negative sales culture and turn off qualified candidates.
  • You lose touch with the sales market